Residential Fee Structure

Fees below are multiplied by the square footage of the new construction.

Interior remodeled spaces, as part of an addition, are calculated at $2/s.f.


*Additions (excludes site plan, engineering & interior portion as part of remodel):

0-500 s.f.: $3.00/s.f.- $5.00/s.f (+$1000 preliminary drawings) 

501-2000 s.f.: $2.75/s.f.- $3.25/s.f. (+$1000-1500 preliminary drawings)

2001-2500 s.f.: $2.50/s.f.- $3.00/s.f. (+$1500-2500 preliminary drawings)

**Preliminary drawings include conferences, site measuring, asbuilts and site research


*New Construction (excludes engineering):

up to 2000 s.f.: $2.50/s.f.- $3.00/s.f.

2001-3000 s.f.: $2.75/s.f.- $3.25/s.f.

3001-4000 s.f.: $3.00/s.f.- $5.00/s.f.

*square foot fee is dependent on complexity of site and style of house.  

*Detached Garages & Covered Patio (excludes site plan & engineering):



*Interior Remodel (excludes site plan & engineering):

Hourly at $135/hr.

*Asbuilt Measuring: $150/hr.  If necessary, measuring your entire house, or part of your house generally takes two people. Note: our measuring system is very precise and drawn partially in AutoCAD as we measure.  Once measuring is completed, it will take 1-2 hours to finalize the asbuilt plans back at the office.  Measuring an entire house usually will run $750-$1000

Other Fees:

  • Onsite Consultation: $150 Fixed fee.  If we measure when out for consultation, this fee is waived and the preliminary drawing deposit is collected.

  • Site Plans billed @ $135/hr.: 3 hours min. 

  • Submittal to Jurisdiction (includes permit forms, printing, mileage): $350-$500 (excludes permit fees)

  • Coordination with consultants, Architectural Review Committees, Jurisdiction meetings: $135/hr.

  • Lateral Engineering (wind & seismic loads): TBD ($600-3000+): varies depending on complexityRequired on all additions, new construction and remodels (if new windows are added)

*Typical Completed Permit Set includes:

  • Construction drawings: Site plan, floor plans, framing plans, elevations, section, architectural details and engineering details

  • Energy Code Calculations

  • Lateral Engineering

  • Gravity Engineering

Example #1:

800 s.f. bedroom addition:

- prelims: $1000

- plan: 800s.f.x3= $2400

- site plan: $450 

Total architectural: $3850

- lateral: +/- $600

- submittal: $350

Total: $4,800


Example #2:

2800s.f. new home:

- 2800x2.75: $7700

- site: $600

- lateral: $1500

Total: $9800



- Interior Remodels minimum: $750

- Additions: preliminary fee

- New Construction: 1/3 of estimated fee

If you choose to not proceed with our services after the preliminary drawings, nothing additional will be owed.

Subsequent payments:

- Additions: 1/2 of estimated fee due prior to start of CDs, remainder due prior to release of plans to submit for permit

- New Construction: second 1/3 due before start of CDs, remainder due prior to release of plans to submit for permit

Plan submission to governing jurisdiction is optional- homeowners are welcome to submit.  This fee includes filling out applicable permit forms.