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Fee Structure- Residential

J3 Architects provides 2 fee proposals as part of our service; preliminary phase and permit drawing phase.  The preliminary phase contains many components that vary per each project; measuring, drawing asbuilts, site research and plan, design meetings and drawings.  The permit drawing phase is more straightforward and consists of finalizing the site plan, lateral and gravity engineering and completed plans.  

Preliminary Phase Proposal for Remodels and Additions:

- Measuring: $150/hr. All or a portion of the house will need to be measured depending on the scope of work.  Includes 2 people and time to commute to property.  As part of the asbuilt, we measure, as best as possible, the location of the house on the property.  We also look in the attic and crawl space to determine framing spans and locations: $300 minimum fee- $900+ (6 hours of work or more).  Most projects fall around 4-5 hours measuring

- Asbuilt: $135/hr.  Though we measure using an AutoCAD program, much work is needed afterwards to finalize the asbuilt floor plans.  Typical project 3-5 hours.

- Site: $135/hr.  Using our field measurements, aerial imaging and code research, we draw the approximate location of structures on the property.  This also includes researching land use code for setbacks and any critical areas on or near your property.  During the design meeting we will advise if further professional surveying is necessary.

- Design meeting: $200/hr.  Typical a 2-3 hour meeting in our office in Kirkland where Neil designs your addition while you are there.  If more than 2 meetings are required, subsequent meetings will be invoiced at an hourly fee. 3-5 hours typical and includes architects time to refine prelims after a design meeting

- Final preliminary drawings: $135/hr.  After we have a completed preliminary floor plan that you would like us to finalize, we transfer to more precise dimensions and layers.  With final floor plans in place we then can start working on the elevations (exterior views).  Typical project 4-8 hours

Total: most projects fall between $1800-2500.  Whole house measures, $2800-3500

Permit Drawing (or Construction Document, CD) Phase:

- CDs: $3-8/s.f. new area, $2-4/s.f. interior remodel.  Includes floor plans, framing plans, elevations, sections, details, energy code

- Gravity Engineering: $150/hr.  J3 Architects offers as part of their service with some portions collaborated with the engineer.  Typical project 3-10 hours.

- Lateral Engineering: Estimate provided until structural engineer provides a proposal.  $800-$2500+, depending on scope of work

- Site plan: $135/hr.  Site plans can be very complex and time consuming.  Though we have done much of the work during the preliminary phase, there is still much work to do- impervious calculations, lot coverage, FAR, height calculation, contours, locating trees, utilities, etc.  3-10 hours typical

- Submit to jurisdiction: Included as part of our fee if done online through  If paper copy submittal is required, then $135/hr to print/submit and fill out forms 

- Correction letter response:  Most jurisdictions find something that needs correcting on the plans and typically are very minor items.  This is included in our fee up to 4 hours of time.

Total: for most projects, excluding engineering & Site plan, CDs are approximately 2 times the preliminary fee

New Construction:

Fee proposal for new construction is based on a square foot price of $3-6/s.f., with most projects in the $3.50-4.50 range.  Gravity and lateral engineering are not included.  Preliminary fee is 1/3 the total cost based on approximate square footage.  When the preliminary plans and elevation are finalized, the final fee based on final square footage is calculated with half due to start permit drawing phase work.  The final fee is do prior to submitting to the jurisdiction.

Plan revisions:

The scope of work may change during the course of any project.  If the scope of work changes then J3 Architects will review and assess an hourly fee for that change.  

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