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Though J3 Architects specializes in residential, we do have multiple commercial projects actively on our job list.  We are open to reviewing any project and if beyond our skill set, we would be happy to refer you on to another architect that can assist.

Current Projects:

- City of Kenmore: Rhododendron Boathouse.  Construction documents

- Church in Bellevue: Parking reconfiguration and new access drive, in for permit

- Union Ave Pharmacy TI, Tacoma: preliminary design

- Medina Academy Portable, Bellevue: CDs

- 4-plex Apartment Building, Edmonds: in construction 

- City of Kenmore, Log Boom Park boat storage: pre-design

Recently Completed

- Clark's Compounding Pharmacy TI, Bellevue

- Kuslers Compounding Pharmacy TI, Snohomish

Edmonds Multi-Unit-Site-Perspective Scen
Edmonds Multi-Unit


Site Perspective Scene

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