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Neil Jorgensen operates J3 Architects from northern King County with a passion for architecture and a compilation of more than twenty years of experience in the field. Over the years, he has established a network of positive relationships with engineers, contractors, and building departments. His enthusiasm for the art of architecture runs deep.


Neil's interest in architecture started in Illinois during his junior year at Glenbrook South High School. Through winning a high school design competition, his house was selected and built by the students the following school year. With that experience, Neil was able to secure a drafting job with two local architects directly out of high school. He continued employment there throughout his college years at the University of Illinois in Chicago.


The highlight of college for Neil was a year studying abroad in Versailles, France, at a French school of architecture located in the Petite Stables of Chateau de Versailles, including a one-week sketching trip based out of Florence, Italy. He returned to the United States with a wealth of experience, and he soon graduated with a five-year professional degree, a Bachelor of Architecture in Structures (1994).


After graduation, Neil moved to Seattle, Washington, to pursue a job opportunity with a modular home builder. Two years later he gained employment at The Healey Alliance Architects, where he worked for nine and a half years. Neil became licensed in 2005 and subsequently started J3 Architects as a side business while working at the Murray Franklyn Family of Companies and, more recently, Terrene Ventures. After a brief partnership with architect Ron Healey in 2014, Neil moved over full time to J3 Architects.


Neil began J3 Architects to continue his experience with remodeling existing homes and grew it from there. He welcomes the challenges of blending old and new in his additions and remodels. A favorite project of his, a home he designed in the Issaquah Highlands (Harrison Street, lot 4), represents his other joy, the pleasure of creating new space. Neil's passion combines with his lifetime of experience to produce high-quality buildings around the Seattle area.

Neil K. Jorgensen

Principal Architect

Lana Monich

Intern Architect

Lana comes to J3Architects all the way from Eastern Europe, bringing versatile professional experience, love of architecture and artistic flair to the firm and its clients.  Lana lived in Everett for 14 years, began working with J3Architects in July of 2015 and moved to Kirkland together with her husband the following year.

Outside of work, Lana and her husband take advantage of the outdoors any time of the year, getting their blood pumping through snowboarding in the winter and water sports in the summer.  They love to travel and learn, experiencing different cultures, food, languages, and everything that comes with it!


Prior to Architecture, Lana worked as a CNA and Medical Technician at a retirement community but always nurtured a passion for art with sights set on a creative career.  After doing diligent research and carefully exploring many options and possibilities, Lana followed her passion and never looked back, embracing her Intern Architect role as she puts her discipline and determination with knack for design to serve J3Architects’ clients across the many facets of Architecture.

Cara Belvin

Intern Architect

Cara grew up in greater Seattle area but attended a University in California where she resided until her recent return to the Northwest.  Her creativity and hands-on aptitude with domestic projects blossomed in early youth so Architecture was a natural career choice for Cara – she designed her first paper model house when she was only 8. Since then, she received her Associate of Arts degree, followed it up with Bachelor of Architecture, completing the program in 3 years (instead of the customary 4 to 5) and spent a summer studying Architecture in Italy – sketching and broadening her knowledge and vision.

Cara’s creative talent spills out in many ways, including a variety of crafts and singing in a community choir for the past 9 years, using her skills to raise money for the community.  She also loves hiking, canoeing and just enjoying nature.  But Cara's passion remains Architecture and she is here to serve J3 Architects’ clients with professionalism, care and dedication.

Aditi Singhal

Architect, NCARB

Profile coming soon!

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